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Skirt, then his hands would tear her fleshcolored silk tights Luanche, the stockings hung on the poor woman the white ankle, LINDA body only piece of white lace panties too. Li Hao Ran fingers gently stroked underwear slightly elevated place, LINDA body quivering, slowly feeling damp fingers stroked the place to start, a little wet panties, showing a wet slits. “This woman is like a bitch in heat, no, a wolf in sheep’s clothing !” Hao Ran Lee fingers a little force, tactile to the two soft creamy flesh braid, gently rub back and forth, LINDA suddenly trembling, one hand gripping his hands, restless legs, twisting, There are moaning mouth issued ecstasy. Li Hao Ran’s hands will not be idle, he clasps the hand LINDA Xiangjian hand from touching the breast down, increasingly smooth patch of flat belly, unhindered probe into the LINDA sexy underpants, when When a man’s hand covering the uplift of the magic secret mound, LINDA though yi shocked,Beats By Dre, subconsciously grip legs, but no time to make the move to resist, the man has big hands gently caress her a small piece of thick curly Grass . After a moment, then his middle finger grip squeeze her thighs gently knock root exploration off, LINDA kinky hum, a towering chest, he felt the man’s fingers wet and sticky sexual secretion of that, I do not know When already overflowing her pants at the end. “Oh !” on the rightLi Hao Ran unbridled madness when, LINDA seems to be more intense than his desires, he has been released from the hand, by the active and enthusiastic into his belts, suddenly caught up that huge hideous. Hands felt something bulging also getting increasingly rough, she could not even reach the hand grip stout degree circle, overjoyed, suddenly turned around and stared at the man not shy of a good second, then gasped suddenly one suddenly come forward, pepped general will relent Hao Ran Lee, she broke the power of this moment, turned out to be so barbaric fury, Li Hao Ran surprise, the man who hung on her waist suddenly sank, the men that , had this honey sucking water flooding cave country office hideous, like predicament response 霖, a pair of slender legs immediately double the money for the journey Xi ruin the disc on, enjoy the long drive to meet his thrusting and rotation contradict, two sweaty body finally close together I do not know how many replaced posture, how many times have countless kiss, two people from the table to the floor dry, and from these tables to dry to that old, blowing hot and cold, happy couple on Britain, a time of extremely peak happy body again and again, so that the original intense and highpitched moan sexual moans, has been transformed into a slow husky croon oh of Sixth Chapter 97 trial Yan Fu (a) look gloomy start Ouyang Sheng gently rub on cigarettes, he does not smoke,. just like the tobacco mellow flavor. But today, under his seat, has been thrown over the extinguished cigarette butts. Liao smoke indistinct room only his heavy breathing, the atmosphere was extremely strange. look at the table,Cheap Beats, it is already four o’clock, from the target person to leave Manitima headquarters already has 7 hours, secretly arrested back L ¢ NDa has also been in the interrogation room behind him pending a full six hours. mercilessly smoking a cigarette, Ouyang Sheng loosened tie, forced to rub my face, opened his bloodshot eyes, turned to look at the interrogation room to come out from the men. “how She recruited did not” Ouyang Sheng looking forward to watching the men. rub the fluffy hair, the same eyes bloodshot men shook his head, pulled out a cigarette point, ruthless puff, tut mouth, this way: “head, she insisted that the man is the company’s customers, in Manitima headquarters, they were talking about the work, as to why the customer that after 9:00 at night before leaving, she said it was a trade secret, the dead are not willing to tell us!! ” paused, this Zhangtoushumu men lick mouth, eyes flashed Lise, a gesture ghastly action, cold tunnel: “header, or give her to the point of severe so kind, she also We dare not think that how ” “not a last resort, or do not use violence, L ¢ NDa the CEO Manitima in Spanish politicians still have a lot of friends, you know those politicians bitch, they will thus withheld funding our activities, which be very detrimental to our future actions! ” “head! out!” was a door suddenly opened, two female agents burst into the room excited. One of the female agents dressed in short skirts shaking hand to a data excitedly handed Ouyang Sheng. free to open access to it, a touch of joy emerge Ouyang Sheng face, forced to stand up:! “This time, I personally interrogated her.” “I want to see a lawyer, you have no right to detain me, I have the right to remain silent I want judges Mr. Long Kadi complaints you! Oh, damn you. Is it treated us taxpayers what I Chief Executive Officer Manitima company, I have the identity of a person like you practice, you will bring disaster! I want to see your boss! I will sue you. ” L ¢ NDa resentfully struggling a bit, glaring at him from a dream to kick out two policemen. These damn police. After her home from his grasp into every two hours will be some spirit of their bombing, not only allow yourself a lawyer, but did not even follow their own laws to detain these people really want to do “L ¢ Miss NDa., I was their boss!” Ouyang Sheng has washed her face, the spirit of the people seem a lot, playing with a hand written, slowly walked L ¢ NDa side. Very gracefully pulled a stool, gracefully smiles:. “! Neglect, L Miss ¢ NDa We invite you to come, to you with what we investigate.” perhaps Ouyang Sheng an Asian face. This allows L ¢ NDa Wizard previously let yourself die happy, he blushed, not even on the spot accusing him very restrained smile, winks sat down with spring. “Miss ¢ NDa L, I think you should know why we are looking for you, right If you can tie to explain the problem, I think it is good for both of us.” Ouyang Sheng already know from the men in front of the mouth of this woman belong kind of dead pig afraid of Shuitang landlords, insisted before the lawyers did not, she would never disclose any information. She qualified to say this in front of the police case, the identity of this moment with her, she is doing nothing wrong, but here, in their own sites, but can not help her case.

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Victor Daddy, you are a good man, to me this is not your hundred pounds of fat would have to feed the fish. We go out, in which almost suffocated me! Ah, the outside air is really good, full of the aroma of caviar! “Li Hao Ran a deep breath of air, intoxicated contend praise Road. Mary’s face somewhat flush, but then let Li Hao Ran her mood, could not help holding his hand and said:! “Come we go home, home cooked soup, and beef, will be able to go back eat delicious bread and cheese it! ” Li Hao Ran nodded with satisfaction,Beats By Dre, with the front row along with Mary, the way a lot of people pointing at him, some kids still fearful shrieking cry, cry wailing ran away. Li Hao Ran very strange, but Mary explained that people here rarely see Asian faces, he did not shave more than a month, and look a little scary, but also simple and honest Hao Ran Lee rubbed his chin, bearded slag chin really build from the old long beard, hard Zaza’s cool. Mary called home is near the fishing port in the side of the town, a small red and blue hut that she and Victor have shelter in place. Hao Ran Lee discovers that the town is almost all red and blue, at first glance, seems to be a red sailing boat in the sea, it is interesting. Asked about Mary smiles said it was Cagliari team’s home jersey color blue represents the living, the red represents the blood of the crew, the first Cagliari team is composed by the crew of expedition team Apennine Peninsula. To commemorate their spontaneous dyed red and blue. little hut is also very simple, but very clean sweep. Gives a warm feeling, but a thick beef flavor pervades the room, abnormal attractive, Hao Ran Lee felt the atmosphere of home. “come, go take a bath! There are soap and shampoo as well as a set of clean clothes, you wash out on the drink of warm soup and tasty potato stew beef!.” Hao Ran Lee gratefully received under the guidance of Mary flushed into the bathroom for a while, replaced the clothes, the kind of decadent feeling depressed swept away, slag touch bearded face, Li Ran Howard thought for a long time did not see their faces, strange little miss, but also want to take the opportunity to scrape beard, but not the bathroom mirror, a toilet, Li Hao Ran began looking from the mirror, but left to find the right look, not shocked is a mirror, and Mary was going to say, suddenly found an open window, walks to go up. “eat slightly ah! you do not shine!” positive come out laughing suddenly saw Mary Hao Ran Lee bowed his head against the window glass, the reigning scream, in the hands of pot a slip, ‘bang’ to look hit the ground ‘delicious beef juice splash suddenly the sky. double whammy of Sixth Chapter II “bang!” splashes a steaming ground beef soup, Mary kept pots take action, mouth very large, can not bear to look at his face against the window, stiff lived Hao Ran Lee, his slightly provocative Tell the shoulders of this kind woman, shocked his mood at the moment. “Cruise! everything will be OK, please do not be sad.” Maria gently calling a cry, he finally knew his own this tragic reality, they have avoided such an accident, the mirrors are all close onwards. But he eventually one day or will know, but sooner or later it. Hao Ran Lee turned his eyes, his eyes very red, although he has been accustomed to the face of terror, but Mary still kind of shocking feeling. “No wonder they cry at night If I appear, they will not be treated as the devil asked me to do a bodyguard to ensure that there will not be a thief at night come to an inverted one.” Li Hao Ran some sad smile. His performance is completely contrary to the expectations of Mary,Cheap Beats, no miserable wail, nor crying despair, nor roaring anger, he was very calm, but with a trace of bitterness in the tone, as if already accustomed to such a face just Chujingshengqing generally have lamented. hideous scars like earthworms generally distorted clouds in the face, the forehead represents a wide scars break open a big mouth, long dark red meat piled meantime, as if Yang kill the third eye, but that eye full the evil and hideous, like the devil that bloody hideous eyed, with a trace of sarcasm cursed earth all good things. And under that soaring lips outward, revealing a trace of white fangs, looks more monstrous. this is now his own, Hao Ran Lee touched his face to scar heart frantically twitching. Can not hurt Anyone who becomes so will not afford such a blow. But for him, Jianhui a life is more important than anything else. Thought here, Li Hao Ran bitter smile, laugh at yourself like nothing, like a. “Oh, hell, this beef how Caesar Maria, do not hurry to tidy up, wash and cook it, can eat!” Li Hao Ran squat waist. Picked up little by little hot beef, rough palms seem to feel a trace of burning feeling, a little bit of beef picked up, while still living in Mary and Dai Li said. “Come on, Cruise, be strong!” Mary holding a small fist comforted. Her tears started to flow out, he more so. Said heart more uncomfortable. “I’m not uncomfortable, somewhat ugly man does not matter, I’ll just have to be careful going out at night, so scared child!” Hao Ran Lee blinked. Joking. But Mary was a burst of sad. Although he did know soon, but he knows this is a good man, he knows everything, what will say. If he handsome thing, then certainly popular with women welcome. But now Hao Ran Lee nonchalantly stood up, holding the beef into the kitchen to clean, while also inquired: “still shocked with what do not come to wash and cook a beef, I’m starving! Gee, this is very bad potato stew, taste great!” determine his right, Mary, after all, still a little girl life skills are not deep, perennial and grew up in the honest fishermen. Li Hao Ran attitude at this time to let her help did not believe him, shocked for a god, and quickly rushed into the kitchen, the meal is a woman thing used as an excuse to Li Hao Ran driven out. “call !” Hao Ran Lee will be ale to get rid of a cup final, playing a burp, contentedly patting belly, took on a toothpick, slowly creeping his mouth, watching Maria clean up the table leftovers. “Maria you’ve got a hard working woman, Sarah really lucky.” Sarah Maria’s boyfriend, every time Mary comes to him, his face flush on the surface trace of happiness,. Sarah is also Fishermen, home to home than Mary circumstances clearly better, wearing very bright. He loves Mary, often accompanied her to the hospital to visit Li Hao Ran, this guy is very good, very generous, each will come with fruit, talking very rough, like a typical fisherman, clip Lang pride. “Really” Mary’s face turned red again, Sarah is her way darling, I thought his appearance, heart Dusu. Li Hao Ran, then made her very uncomfortable, others say she likes Sarah because it will make her very happy. “Aha! Mary, you really are lust big move ah! I’ll go tell Sarah, surely he would happy crazy!” Li Hao Ran a laugh, to avoid smashing Mary to rags, hey straight smile, they completely forget also that in just kind of terror has changed the face and distracting. fact, Mary is not stupid, know that he is trying to avoid it, but enough to escape, so he will not be too sad. “Yes, Daddy do did not come back out to sea” Hao Ran Lee has been looking at the sky gradually darkened, authentic little worried. Maria Shua click on the white face, and put a smile and said: “! Today he went out drinking the night might not come back.” Li Hao Ran Daddy does not know what happened, but he wanted to ask Mary, when holding the dishes into the kitchen, apparently do not give him a chance to ask questions. Li Hao Ran only shrugged helplessly, Zuiyi Pie, tobacco helped myself wicker chairs in a circle edge roll, spicy nose of the smoke down the throat suddenly rolled down, accompanied by a sense of burning hot feeling in his chest a turn, suddenly the smoke exhaled a long absence, refreshing Lee Hao Ran very fun, the body seems to recover a little vitality. to dessert after a meal is a small piece of fruit cake, Li Hao Ran think this cake also can not stick to your teeth, feeling really bored face, along the jagged scar that really speak resentfully doctor’s mother, gate pass to a hint of movement, Mary blushed, and quickly rushed to jump in front of the door. “Sarah!” screamed of joy, Mary Ruyan homing general flew into the arms of the bearer, they ignore Li Hao Ran, passionate kiss while boldly, this reluctant to release hand. Li Hao Ran a little embarrassed that he is now a special light bulb, presumably so that the two are on their own dissatisfaction with it. Disturb the intimacy between lovers, sin ah sin. “Ha! Cruise, welcome back, you look good spirits!” Sarah is also a warmhearted person, he dared not look directly Hao Ran Lee goes hideous face. Fear caused him to doubt. Walked, very warm hug Hao Ran Lee, but also on his cheek Qinliaoyikou, which is Italy’s most enthusiastic greeting brothers. Li Hao Ran also know that this is his doing so deliberately, in order to keep yourself uncomfortable. they really met a good man. “Sarah! Thank you Thank you!” Hao Ran Lee felt sour nose. Mary embarrassment came, took Sarah to the hand and said: “Cruise all know, he was very strong!” Sarah blushed, had to face was tanned piece of embarrassment, ridicule it, trying to comfort Li Hao Ran:. “Cruise more manly like you!” “Haha! Are you saying that the devil is more than a man of God” Li Ran forthright Ron laughed, Sarah was embarrassed to swallow swallow saliva, do not know what to say. “But I am really grateful to you, rest assured, I will not stoop, not that ugly about it” Sara Lee Hao Ran patting the shoulder, they both laughed. “Originally, I was ready to give you Jie Feng, but the ship is some little things, so late. Cruz, these days you’re here to stay well, such as your injury recovery and I bring you again go to sea! ” sea! Hao Ran Lee seems to understand that they really think of myself as a sneak refugees, thinking that they did not work, do not let yourself think of such a statement is embarrassing to find their own way out. Heart can not tell what it is. Difficult subject, but also very touching, if it is to encounter such a situation myself, will this effort to help a stranger do “Diddy these days seems to be coming back, and you’re temporarily living in his house now! ah! oh, Cruz, to live my house” Sarah’s words were interrupted by Mary immediately changed the subject, Li Hao Ran two lovers definitely feel something without telling him. Daddy is definitely what’s wrong, and think of themselves so discharged, the heart may have a little vague concept, but deeper on their guilt. Such a family to afford the full cost of their own health care an outsider,. how heavy it is, they do not have that complaint, do not let yourself aware of the difficulties, this is how people moved. “Sarah, I want to make a phone call !” Hao Ran Lee hesitated, said. “No problem. Oops. blame us, how to forget this, you hurt the family must be very worried, fast, this is the telephone.” Sarah handed the phone to their own land Hao Ran Lee, gratefully thanks soon, Li Hao Ran Qing Zhao Xi quickly dialed the number, at the moment he is most worried about is the Qing Xi can not escape the tsunami swallowed, can own terrible tsunami rushed Mediterranean, then in between the rocks, she even dangerous. But Sarah can not dial international phone calls, a few people bowed his head in dismay, Mary hastened to comfort: “! panic, go to the post office tomorrow to play on the line, at dawn we went.” Li Hao Ran nodded, thanked one. Looked very restless, they see his mood swings, good sound console for a moment, this force pushed him into the room, the doctor said that he needs a good rest to completely recover. father lying on the bed, the bed was clean, reveals a faint smell of smoke, Hao Ran Lee looked at the low ceiling, thinking after they came quietly discuss their own cost long distance calls that need, and he was upset. Be sure to return them, this is the moment Li Hao Ran most urgent desire. the couple in the next room, twitter chat, there came a groan and men Mary Jiaodia heavy breath from time to time, Suosuo undressing and kissing sound made him sound belly also cropped up a ball of fire, I heard some lustful moan issued, Li Hao Ran just feel a Ji Ling, lower body was made up of hard, his head began to slowly emerge out of a chest with a hot, sexy and graceful body, white skin, plump buttocks drum Alice Hill, also There stands the towering Yuru, little bright red cherries exudes seductive erosion eclectic atmosphere, is Qing Xi Shan purple Mary came next and failing of Jiaodia, like most of the little darlings Mayfair voice, she was always so active, but so shy, mingled dress up naive innocent, often let themselves have a kind of primitive want to move. tempted so tired of people touching voice, Hao Ran Lee quietly crawled out of bed, walked out of the house, such as washing out the moon, bright moon hanging high in the sky, it seems at the moment and told him he did not run away, the moon or the moon, it never give up their hometown moon. nobody around to take advantage of, Li Hao Ran a deep breath, suddenly hit a punch, tiger wind, windy Quanfeng does not seem weaker than before the injury, but this busted out, a sudden burst of choking chest dull pain, quickly closed his hand, slowly breathe, this inner pain stopped. next morning, it came to be called the Sara Lee Hao Ran to the post office, this energetic young man, it seems only yesterday, even though more than 4 points out of his room from Mary, not a little tired. Li Hao Ran toward his ambiguous smile, Sarah’s face blandly red for a moment, honest laugh, and Mary is shame to the extreme, Ming Yin soon rushed back to the room. watching this scene, Li Hao Ran increasingly miss their women, and so they wait for news of their own, will be happy to go crazy, and then flew pick yourself Sure. By the time they give a lot of money, if you can, Li Hao Ran even willing to take care of Mary and cherished father and their lives, so much grace, their only effort to report, so that they had a good life. Sarah picked up the money before the post office workers. Launched an international long distance stalks. Li Ran hands pinching a sweat. Took a one begging dialed Zhao Xi raise electricity stalks “Hello! I was Zhao Xi Qing, I ask who you are” I heard that familiar sweet voice. pass, Li Hao Ran inner ecstasy, was very emotional. Is her voice. She is still alive . “hee Qing, is ah I Ahao.” Li Hao Ran very excited, shivering refrained nose kind of acid intended. “I’m sorry, it may be a bad signal, I could not hear your voice clearly, please louder!” tone of voice over the phone without a trace of change. Hao Ran Lee took a deep breath, steady the excitement, authentic single word: “Yes I am, Ahao, Xi Qing, I’m fine!.” “popping” the phone was slammed shut. Li Hao Ran suddenly blindsided, kidding I heard the sound does not come out Oh, he then remembered that he was so excited, vocal cords not good, their voices and large, the general public seems to be duck hoarse dull. resort, this must be good and she said

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Harm you, it killed me. ” YE no longer speak, because Yefei Yang get the answer you want later, no longer give her the opportunity to speak, the action fast sucker, let YE did not even have time to think, just want to sink down. “ah ! I die.” With YE scream, the room into a calm. YE severe chest heaving chest bud has been Yefei Yang straining with sucking mouth into the “feeling happy” this time YE finally succumbed, shy nod, then shouted:. “You’re a jerk.” Yefei Yang laugh, “I either bastards get you later told me against you” YE energetically shook his head, although this is very happy, she can also put tired, but if the occasional one such passion, then it is a very good thing thing. They rest for a while, YE recuperate eyes closed, ears listening the leisurely feeling, he said:. “After doing my woman now.” “You want how many women” Ye Jing Chen Dao,Beats By Dre, “There they enough” “plus you enough.” Yefei Yang said. YE silent. “want” Yefei Yang kissing her earlobe, gently said, she did not want to answer, he did not force her. “To!” Jing Ye replied, “but I have to top.” Finished, ranging Yefei Yang answer, she stood up to ride up. men aligned Yefei Yang symbol made it down slowly, inclusive of him. Adapt to the future, she began to move quickly up the hair as she moves fast dancing, a blooming good figure! “how I have a feeling of being raped Is this the legendary antirape was not a parade” Yefei Yang only this one idea in mind, then began with the very dynamic waist. Volume IV of Chapter bloom successful hunt plan wake up from a deep sleep, Yefei Yang first saw positive shy staring at his YE, because she had already woke up. See Yefei Yang woke up, YE quickly to eyes closed. Yefei Yang laughed body, how can I find her there before this side, a woman na really hard to understand. “Comfortable yesterday evening” Yefei Yang nasty asked one. YE face more red, she did not answer, just a hard pinch Yefei Yang,Cheap Beats, blame the bad guy, get her yesterday to now it has not been a little effort, damn woke up early to let her biological clock over, physically still not recovered. “! ouch” cried, grievances, said: “You pinch me to do,. then I cried not want, who rode up on me crazy ah do not say, do not pinch you! ! ” YE spat, said: “It is not that you get other people uncomfortable, just just so crazy.” think things last night, she was really a bit shy. “Kinji not allowed to tell them, you bet I would, I would ” she said for a long time, did not say what they were. Yefei Yang smiled and said: “Just how” “bad thing to put your cut off!” YE hard Yefei Yang caught a male symbol. Yefei Yang hehe smiles: “This can not tamper with it is to ensure your future happiness, if not it, to see how you are crazy.” YE blushing no longer talk to him, bickering with this guy, she found herself always the loser. “Get up, let people see the bad.” YE Yefei Yang urged to get up, she leaves home anyway is also the home of the Lord, let others see her majesty also go there to put ah. Yefei Yang Hey smile, said:. “This is what the whole family is my woman, you are regarded as sisters, sooner or later you know the only thing.” blushed Jing Ye, Chen Dao: “You’re a goat, if the case is mom know how to do” face is not red does not jump, said:. “! So what, she actually knew it, I just do not say nothing if she was against it, it has become her like you are not on line yet.” YE half speechless surprise, although she knew Yefei Yang guts bigger, but did not expect him back so bold, for a time she was a little difficult to accept, the thought of going to bed at the same time with the leaves and sister Flying crazy, she’s not shy, let alone Liu Xueqing it. Yefei Yang smiled and said: “Nothing can not think of, this is life, I do not want to wait any longer, go a day earlier, although some of the more secure now leaves home and Grandpa insisted, but who knows. there will be someone to fight our idea, wish, while the wind blows, you want to secure, the best way is Jiliuyongtui, this is the most secure. ” YE Although he knows he has a point, but still sounds somewhat dissatisfied, leaves home more than once a brilliant, why was this generation will not succeed she said to Yefei Yang hear this question, the answer is simple. “Ye family’s days are numbered, so that leaves a longterm family system becomes corrupt man of the house together, and more hedonism, complacency is terrible, no one wants to Exalted, but who do the Master, we must tread the shoulders of others, the future leaves home, the back is a good stepping stone. ” YE silent, she carefully thinking words, as a grandfather figure to be fancy, then definitely not without grounds, the grandfather said what is it Yefei Yang laughed: “In fact, you do not have to be so pessimistic, we go just in case of emergency, but now no one has dared to touch us, do not forget, whether military or government loyalists too much, the grandfather and grandfather , Grandpa just say the word, it may be that terrible event, so we are still in time to take advantage of my grandfather retired, is the most secure and you have to have a heart prepared to retire than one or two days, the company was arrangements, family business and personnel had to have a reasonable arrangement, have to give us the lines of, maybe in the future our children can come back too! Hermitage us this seemingly generous retreat is, in fact, to put it bluntly But the refuge, and with my power of one person, it is difficult to resist the offensive from the manifold, which blame me, not previously involved in this matter properly, and now want to learn, too late, to say I can not stand this day , or free a little better. ” YE nodded and said: “You say it makes sense, then what is the meaning of your grandfather’s grandfather said these words yet” Yefei Yang shook his head and said: “These things are pondering from my grandfather’s words out, elderly people, many words are not Ken Ming said that people are so engaged in politics, talking secretive, uncomfortable.” Jing Ye smiled, and said: “If you heard these words my grandfather, he had better blame you.” “! popping” on YE white ass fiercely slapped, Yangnu said: “If you do not say he can know!” YE charming white at him, said: “! Well, still so angry, I have lost people to you,. you still want me how Well big deal when you chase big sister wants me to help you.” “Sister” Yefei Yang sometimes not react, see Jing Ye’s face, he suddenly realized, “you say is Xueqing ah!” “How dare you address him her name, since we became sisters, I want to tell her, let her properly punish you.” YE pointing Yefei Yang smiles tenderly. ferocious Yefei Yang said: “If you dare to snitch, to see how I deal with you, to the days when you are hungry, put your sideline.” His mouth was hungry, hungry naturally refers Body rather than no food. Jing Ye certainly hear it, blushing, said:. “How dare you, sisters are all toward me, when we collectively allow you to abstinence, you dare not look crazy.” Yefei Yang cried badly, then the leaves static in the body, “If so, then I’ll make a point is a little thing!” “ah! Do I want on top.” Jing Ye groaned, then turned riding in the Yefei Yang’s waist and began slowly provocative up, “another woman riding to save you all day, I also ride your . ” Yefei Yang profusely, waterfalls sweat. “Baby, planned it” Yefei Yang pick eyebrows, sides with the rhythm with her very moving with the body. YE strange smile and said: “Yes, of course, you do not see who this lady is!” “Miss I think last night was not it.” Yefei Yang laugh, a good mood. fourth volume XXXI bloom satisfactorily complete harmony (a) “yo, you finally up, I thought you were lazy in bed is not up yet.” Yefei Yang and Ye Jinggang not came down, I heard the voice of ridicule Lam Suet, he looked up at the sky, obediently, almost due south of the sun. YE blushing stole pinch Yefei Yang a, meaning that it is clear that in a strange Yefei Yang delay. old head already practiced invulnerability, he hehe smile, said:. “you early, ah, that eat it, I have starved to death.” Lam Suet chuckled, clutching his stomach and said: “You’re killing me, what time, and also early ah” Yefei Yang really did not look at the time, but it’s just a way to ease YE shy nothing, after all such a farce, she did much better. Yefei Yang now think about all wondering why yesterday was the enemy, and today it becomes more docile Woman’s mind, really elusive. etc. and YE After the meal, the General Assembly officially began a family, this is Lam Suet, who initiated a Liu Xueqing participants but only a little, because the main topic of the meeting and her related. meeting, Ye Xin first made his speech, introduced a bit about the company account, and transfer the problem of the family, so far, in addition to fixed assets can not be transferred, others have been transferred accomplish this thanks to the leaf Father of energy, although others have noticed, but the fallen leaves home, those who are too happy, but also how it will come out to make trouble, but some people are only looking at a large family sad to leave, prosperous country needs more people involved, but Yefei Yang does not have this interest, even let him choose, he will once again choose freedom, not hard, and his lazy character which is inseparable. Finally, Ye Xin made a concluding statement, “So far, the company has chosen the mother’s successor, to help take care of him, I believe not a big problem, of course, there are several companies that target is mother secretly managed, and have had no intention to give up, because those are too important to be economical source of almost home now communication is also very easy, it is not too remote suffering. uh, being on so much. ” Yefei Yang eyebrows, it really is a good thing, can be seamlessly transferred away, say that this is my grandfather’s credit, otherwise, the country will never agree, even if the transfer target leaves home only to leave the capital, and not to transfer abroad. many central chiefs are looking at the property leaves home red eyes, if there is no reliable and effective guarantee, leaves home for the rest of the property but also much that is unknown. do not think those people in high positions are not sensitive on the money, on the contrary, seek higher positions of power, is to gain a better money, of course, such a person is a minority. Qingke twice, Liu Xiangyun started to speak, she scanned the week: “The first issue finished,. then we start the second, this topic is actually very simple, it is a little satyr chasing women plan. Now, let this pervert himself to speak. ” finished, all eyes are transferred to the Yefei Yang who is not selfevident, this little satyr refers Yefei Yang. Yefei Yang old head slightly red, mainly because of his pursuit of the object is too sensitive, and now say he is a little embarrassed, “Well, um, I think we all know it, I want to say is, since I this is done, then I will take responsibility. everyone happy life together is not it ” Liu Xiangyun Qiaolian some redness, an elder here on her, but in the future have to serve Yefei Yang together with other girls, her heart always somewhat awkward, “flying right, however, it must be a plan, today I talk to her about it, give her a cushion of time. ” nodded, anxious not to do these things, in fact, if not truly possess her, as long as the heart, it is enough to love a person, not necessarily expressed from the flesh. Yefei Yang Liu Xiangyun quietly against the ear, said: “In fact, she would have to have your heart, you may not know that your father before he put you to us, and he meant that let us take care of the sisters together you, when we heard of it, the meaning of his words to take care of those aspects are also included. ” Yefei Yang surprised to go back, but it just hit Liu Xiangyun the soft lips, he could not help it, gently sucking the Liu Xiangyun that soft and sweet clove uvula, big hands gently rubbing her chest towering doublets, a time to indulge endless. its smiling woman looking at her a few intoxicated two, then quietly leave, they are going to explain a little something about, busy these, it is necessary and Hermitage together, but they did not have any heart jealousy, gradually feel the warmth of the family, so that they are also very intoxicated. Yefei Yang Liu Xiangyun clothes will gently untied, revealing that body skin cream bully snow season, and then straighten the abdomen. Slowly but did not think will down on the sofa, charming look at him, licked his lips. Let Yefei Yang Yin Mei feeling that somewhere in the body is rapidly up feeling great. opened Yefei Yang Liu Xiangyun pants zipper, monster hit her face, a hot atmosphere that blurred her eyes, gently Zhangkaixiaozui, including the go, slowly adapt to the future, to start Throughput up and down. eyes closed enjoying Yefei Yang, Liu Xiangyun respect because once born, although getting stronger libido, Yefei Yang did not dare to really insert, Liu Xiangyun also pay attention to, so there is this habit. Vertex desire in front of the living room door suddenly opened, and a pretty figure standing in the doorway, surprised but shy of looking at this scene, even for a time speechless. an tingling feeling from the waist rises Yefei Yang suddenly hold down the head, trying to get it open, and heavy on the couch, feeling such a pleasure. Liu Xiangyun raised his head, mouth hanging slightest shiny things, she stood up to go to the bathroom, but the door just to see the silhouette. “sister you come back.” Liu Xiangyun with a trace of shame Italy, the slightest bit naughty and tricks to succeed grin, said. She had expected her sister would come back at this time, it was lingering and at this time, but also in the living room. come precisely Liu Xueqing, this time she has to hear the words of his sister, his eyes filled with Yefei Yang’s entire body, and that made her whole body felt weak male symbol. fourth volume XXXI bloom satisfactorily complete harmony (two) “you! ” Liu Xueqing Qiaolian up in the red, in front of the scene so she really did not know what to say, that scene has been imprinted Yinmi her mind, after all it is impossible to forget. ‘s mouth hung a smile, said:. “Sister, how suddenly you come back.” “Humph

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Interest, holding a death wish, he hesitated and said: “! Come.” shadow ghosts wafting in general, respectfully walked beside him, nodded: ” boss, what is commanded.” “That got a woman” Wang Tianqiang refers Song Mei. Obviously shadow of a stiff, with a trace of hesitation: “The boss I’ve been sent to, but has no news, I’m afraid, with their ability, trying to find the woman is not difficult,Beats By Dre, but to kill her , is not so easy, after all, she is the world’s one of the best cat burglar, if we have to run away, few people catch her! ” frowned, and said: “! immediately ordered to catch live, not kill her.” “Boss, I want to catch live too difficult if she needed something to do what, I do not like to give her some money, since such people we need it.” shadow hesitated, then let under , nodded and said:. “You’re right, since the angels lair by the French police siege, sweeping thief in the world, experts have been caught almost finished, some things after starting such a person she is, but only to money, we have nowhere to go, she did not shade of this tree, compared to nor comfortable! ” see the boss blur, shadow was very pleased with the boss on this good point, could hear into the hands of flowers, but worried him most was the mysterious Mr. Lee, he can not find any background, whether it is What is the purpose of a good relationship with Hasse again, is really worried about his action, it really comes against bosses do “You do not suspect Lee, the Denon brought me the news that Lee is not part of the assets are in South Africa, he went to South Africa and that blacks detour around the turn and found the local Chinese businessman is this nigga respectful, are looking at Lee’s face, Denon said in Cape Town, also saw Lee boss luxury fleet and financial exchanges, you know, in Cape Town carve up their financial exchanges people, not a one billion 800 million dollars, even threshold you even think forward, most importantly, do not you see this is a good color Drifting people If you want to seduce me, why bother him at this time got to find fault with such a promise Cloud River, causing conflicts between me his. Again,. Denon says these days something happened in South Africa, Americans continue to find Lee’s trouble, it seems we put America girl gave him playing has inspired Americans, I want this effect, forcing him to cooperate with us. ” Wang Tianjiang confidently Lock Road, Wang Tianlong back message, if not pass, he would not have run wild in the Hsu Yun River home, even without quite demeanor in front of Lee gaffe, as it has been determined that a man can get yourself out of trouble, he do not want to see anyone cross into a leg. “boss, in short, you have to be careful and I always felt very weird Lee, a woman to have continued to engage in that business people have is this!” “Haha, that you do not understand it! if he came to find me to talk business, I would not believe him, man Well, then the money itself, but the people are so ugly, naturally a little psycho, do not look for woman, I would not trust him as honest, guys, women are his weakness, so long as he has a weakness, we can seize the weaknesses breakthrough. ” shadow shook his head, his confused, swept the goods he is to kill players, but in this business field, he can rarely understood, although worried about the safety of the boss, but the boss so confident that he will continue pour cold water on it After all, organizations have come to a dead end point is the need for a breakthrough. “Well, you ready to hand, and so I told my contact the Song Mei bitch, if she refuses to cooperate, you will like this !” his nefarious plan a hunger that shadow nodded grimly soon, this back down. Wang Tianjiang sneer about the cigarette sucking, repressed mind a sense of sorrow and oppressive, called the Song Mei phone. “Yo, king boss finally people are willing to call it Is not that a few men think you are useless, you can not catch me, they fear people to report your thing” band and a trace of irony and threats, Song Mei laughing over the phone very lewd. This allows very angry, but they had to put on a ridiculous attitude and said: “Miss Song words when it comes to where we are, I’ll send someone to kill you you how I worked so happy, I do not want to offend like you have. ability beauty children. might be some misunderstandings here now! ” “Yo, uh, it seems that the king boss is accustomed to murder, but the first point, the little woman was forced to almost jump out your hands, you said to do your thing, but 20 million of it, I gave you the value of 30 million baby,Cheap Beats, you treat me this way, so do not trust, okay, I was ready to give himself up, anyway, there is no way out, but I think some intelligence, is to make Americans happy, because they will know, weapons of mass destruction from the alQaeda from your hand trafficking in the past, I believe they will give you to arrange a prisoner in my room more than ‘luxurious’ space to you! ” Song Mei seems things are on the heart to kill her, did not think she was ready to go to desperate surrender to the thought of this woman’s style, so she definitely did something out. Wang Tianqiang a cold sweat on take out, handle in her hand, he is sleepless nights ah, one day take her out is completely processed, but still hold her present moment. “Miss Song, The Sopranos, Shenbuyouyi Well, without further ado, if we continue to work it, I think you’ll know what I ask people is actually very forthright. And I promise that will never happen again hurt you as long as you take to work with me after I undesignated guarantee on the head, if you later as people I kill you, then I would die without burial, see how you like. ” Song Mei over the phone was silent for a long time, Wang Tianjiang no urging, but patiently waited for her answer, he believes this cunning woman would choose to work with their own. “king boss encounter what is bothering seems to need me to help you solve it! but I am a man, and the king has disappointed the boss, I’m sorry, I think we will not cooperate with it!” Song Mei did not think the answer would be like this, Wang Tianqiang looked very disappointed by her to hang up the phone, frowned, it seems only use the very means it. called over shadows, Wang Tianqiang account a few times, grinning shadow look, nodded, and called on the two men beside him, disappeared in the night. “Oh,. Xu Yunhe, you wait haired people who sent hair of it, and I told you dare to go against, ha ha ha!” of Sixth Chapter 55 restless desire “ah !” sweat Hao Ran Lee suddenly woke up, the knot of muscle Jingzhuang Qiu capsules filled with soysized sweat. “how a small Hao Ge” a pair of white and delicate little hands to his waist plate, with a touch of spring flush of Pan Xiaoying red eyes narrowed slightly, Jiaoyong lovingly asked. Hao Ran Lee took a deep breath, did not speak, just shook his head and thought for a cry, out of bed, revealing that Jingzhuang naked body, wrapped in a towel handy to pull over at the waist, took a cigarette point. Yes, in just that moment, he was an inexplicable chill hit the body, the whole body are frozen at that moment a surge of chill grim atmosphere suddenly rushed from the soles of the feet on the forehead, which is a huge sense of crisis, a people uneasy, feeling abnormal fear, do . Hao Ran Lee felt him climb to a fleshy, delicious soft cotton brocade woman, with a trace of plaintive look, he climbed naked Xiaoying cup, Yubi Lanzhu his neck, pink tired of his little face dawdle perspiration stains chest seems Chunchao not faded a little girl’s face hot, just around the corner from her little tricks of view, this little girl today hearty meal, seems not fill the emptiness lonely long desires. Hao Ran Lee smiled, big hands on her full round breasts gently rub, pinch up a small grain of hard cherry joking authentic: “Little baby brother today not feed you” feel the rough hands raised in his sensitive nipples get burst suddenly palsy current passage through the body along with milk, Xiaoying Qiao blushed, with a son obsequiousness. Infants trained to issue a trembling sound of moaning, bulging round little ass in a man’s hairy legs dawdle, to offset the TV drama seductive spring, with a trace of ecstasy light whine complained: “Woo Ouyang sister got you quick to swallow, they just how long ” finished Resentment Baileyiyan wire was lying in sleeping Ouyang Rui Yuan. Ouyang sister really good crazy ah, demands excessive, hum. Others managed to Siu Ho brother and affectionate once she inserted a crosslegged, playing what Flying insisted, saying that his brother liked, in fact, in order to satisfy herself. Small Hao Ge and she seems to prefer to do something, woo, how to do, how can people like her so shameless thing. That there is such a man in bed also grab, grab yourself go out of that place where my brother plug. Tolerance than others seem like too long also. Smelly sister. “Haha! Originally, I did not eat a small baby is” Li Hao Ran music, big hands brazenly touch on Xiaoying little tits. Hmmm lips kiss her living breath, one hand down her spine Rouni smooth slide down all the way. Silk general feeling on that delicate skin, fiery desire Soars in gradually, little woman moaning fitfully graceful song sounds like the music, prompting the man just forget that nightmare, investment in this charming illusion among the eclectic . “small Siu Ho brother, itchy itch!” the man in the hand like magic, like tickling her mind, teasing her to desire, white powder was tired thighs gently poke the man, that hairy , pitchblack in the valley revealed Fong, remained jq had mucus slightest glistening dewdrops hang on to that fine honey flowers, mysterious and encouraging people to want to move with the temptation. “Hey, little darling, where itch ah” hairy man Qingcuo a roll of black silk, slid her fingers Shunliu the drum tight buttocks Alice crevices dawdle back and forth, hook pick, watching Meiyanrusi Xiaoying a plaintive look kinky Fei, Sun usually think she has held such a lovely seductive side, men molested her idea of ​​a kind of handspronged, rub vigorously to a woman that sensitive area, and then with a lustful tone titillate the little cute, he likes to see Xiao Nizi blush cute, innocent little LOLI become a whore in front of their own, such as sensory stimulation abnormally. “Woo !” Sure enough, Xiao Nizi where to stand so lustful tone, my heart burst of panic, the men would not dare to answer the question, but that plump Xiangtun involuntarily increase the chewy, the slightest erosion With the intoxicating aroma of fine flavor evaporation of sweat on the skin, people distracted, can not wait to swallow this little beauty. “do not say” the man’s hand to increase the strength of today’s little girl is too restrained, and it should be said Ouyang goblins already hampered the side of this thing is very shy, she could not warm up even more, he desires Most of the blame on the fairy body, let Xiao Nizi had been wronged, but women need to tune, this is the time. Thought here, Li Hao Ran began casually rub hands together, pull, pinch, twist, pull, turn, Xiaoying that juicy ass in his hands Nickel Nickel reshaping a white outline, printed patches of color traces, let her white skin Maguo delicate hint of obscene spring. “he slides !.” sound, as soon as Dangqi ileum moan Xiaoying, Li Hao Ran Yin Xiao will extend into the wet and greasy fingers sticking flowers Valley tick, with a hint of glistening silk, will take the pink fragrant finger rubbed the side of the thigh in a woman, holding her fingers have taken advantage of Sun Jian hard pinch, suddenly excited screams heard emanating from the mouth Xiaoying, with unbearable desire, a small woman breath humming coarse, with a trace of anger thin Jiaodia forcefully pressed his legs and said: “Here people itch tickling, good brother, elder brother, Xiaoying a pain woo, you really good people bad uncomfortable! ” looked Xiaoying has Chunchao flooding, but also with a restrained tone, Li Hao Ran to her petite pressure in the body, hands it is presumptuous to tease her, and finally could not help but like the kind of overwhelming desire , where also willing reserved Xiaoying, where what patience, long white body is a very hot, pink body exudes a breathtaking spring, that slender thighs one point, with a tearful voice wire, with wire desire, moaned: “Good brother, tickling people below, a lot of water out of the water, her husband, and you come in, a lot of water Oh, well !” patience woman lustful moan Hao Ran Lee sparked strong desire to see her willing to bow, in fact, has long insisted in his teeth where there is little resistance, the fiery ferocious quite rigid in that hairy, pitchblack Gently dawdle on the grass, feeling that a woman to lust flooding. Meijiao a pick, tongue licked his dry lips, eyes flashing obscene light, with a trace deplored firmly and slowly squeezed. Xiaoying, such as lightning. White body suddenly shocked at this moment, with the slightest off and moaning, trembling mouth cherry pick the hair with graceful sounds of nature called Yin. That was the moment to be suddenly ferocious throughout, she cries loudly, suddenly a tight body, clinging to Li Hao Ran, a little ass clip. Try Taonong look, silver Yayi Yao, she thought it charming fairy land Ouyang Unconventional Natural, Hao Ge is to be as small seduce her go. Her face is good to enjoy Oh, no. People have their own little pain as Hao Ge, hard. Xiaoying refueling, you should be forced. louder than actions. Young women and men with a strong hint of love, waist twist, covered with a hard, little ass forced to swing up, followed by the kind of itching and current linolenic acid to feel like she suddenly flew up days. “good so beautiful brother, hard points, Xiaoying love love you, woo still not enough!” Xiaoying Li Hao Ran feeling that tight creamy stimulus, looking shy and dripping, but it is her lust burning desire to conquer an instant engulfed him in mind, he forgot this little girl and the weak and narrow He can afford to coarse not her alone. apocalyptic Xiaoying not know that Mei Mei thrusting her beauty on the day, a man’s strength is increasing, more powerful shock to her as Mo spring in general, proudly lazily groaned, as if in people on the stage enjoying the pride of reverence, as if to catch the former Soviet sister to become the kind of woman he’s proud, very comfortable, so she puts on a beautiful ballad, are like a leaf floating in the waves do not yield the boat, hair flying, her legs shaking mess indulging in this very wonderful sex among. “Brother! Xiaoying with hard not enough!” She also did not forget to put a high profile by the way, no wonder Ouyang sister screamed just as cool, original such a violent impact, bringing the feeling The climax is the general tide, too cool, and forget to live her hands to stir men’s neck, small breasts on top of his chest, hard to call out a groan, as if this period of time should be lost in all of Eros come back the same, but with a sense of foreboding while tearing the throes of one, at the moment devoid of her thinking, just feel a black eyes, her pain and happy high howl loudly, long hair flying, small a hanging head, weighs in the past, and that the lower body twitch constantly flowing waves of hot honey spray on a man’s hideous. Hao Ran Lee dumbfounded, to the chagrin of a shot forehead, finished, ever forget this little guy is such an excitement up on the halo, with her petite body, he has always loved her are very careful, but this time such a strong desire to see her,. the order

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Shield of air to escape, Liu Yufei waved his hands shout: “Space Enchantment of God imprison” Suddenly an invisible opponent enchantment enveloped them all, spared a quick nine angel just taking off on the hit sector , who was also detained in the air can not move a half minutes. they feel they have been a big pair of invisible hands firmly hold, even the air becomes thick like quicksilver. Then they have only one idea in mind, that is. . . Over,Cheap Beats, spread an atmosphere of despair crowd open. Nine angel had plenty Teleport of the surgery, he was imprisoned in midair Liu Yufei, but they are also the first to bear the days of severance baptism. Group of angels and the Lord God who now understand why the spirit world had again asked them not to provoke the Liu Yufei, but now I understand the situation is already too late. While being detained by the person themselves, they can still own a repair operation, and sent on the day they simply could not resist the idea, which is a surrender from the depths of the soul, if the person is not detained They also may have escaped the idea, but now all hope is gone. Days of removal of the fire like Meteor rain finally comes, bits and pieces of Mars, but also with the power to destroy all floating down from the sky, angel just nine days of removal of the fire a little complacent,Beats By Dre, and that a body immediately turned into coke from air drop, their soul completely disappeared in the world. below the angels in a variety of actions, was fired days sent a coke with a humanoid with the. Day sent to the quick, and go only for a time, its power has been completed, the underground has more than a thousand angels and only six survived the Lord God sent from heaven, these are also the angels of the Lord God who live in my heart Crazy Praise the great altar. Days after removal of the inflammation is not mieshi Skyfire, lethality and range are not on a grade. Enchantment God sent early in the day comes when removed, all surviving angels, the Lord God face stagnation stay on the spot, not one of them escape. to their current status, as long as the touch of a finger Liu Yufei can all kill, but Liu Yufei did not do so, a group of people have lost the will to fight to start, Liu Yufei a little disdain. Look dull if all this has nothing to do with their own, Liu Yufei faint and asked: ” Battles you have to go right.” “war What can we fight with you, we have completely failed, all we have in your eyes nothing but a joke, Oh, silly ah! that we can fool ah! Why did not listen to top so, ooo, ooo! “Fengshen first wake up, when it comes to the final spot cried out. Other major gods and angels, also exposed the plaintive expression, a field of vigorous siege operations, to finally own party has become prey. are then subject to the protection of Chu Xin Lan Liu Yufei just six women received power, they repaired his body, just looked a little pale. See the floor of the charred corpse (in the night time, so few people see Chu Xin Lan blood on the ground) and all other Lost Souls expression, Liu Yufei understand this battle and win, but they also feel angels to reveal that kind of a nonbusiness atmosphere, these angels even put them on again in the future can not leave the battlefield. Liu Yufei walked around, Chu Xin Lan whispered: “Young, you see they all look like a piece of this battle till it hit here, surely they have more than enough to get the lessons of their main profession if there are points of the brain Absolutely not dare to infringe on us, “Liu Yufei nodded, he had meant it, waved his hand toward the group of angels and said:” You all go, tell your primary profession, we are ready to fight again if not satisfied, I will always be on Earth. . ” “Ha ha ha ha, did not think heaven has been impotent to the point where even a mere one can pick up a few last mercy even to each other, it seems that I had put under the seat devil really is wise.” Liu Yufei would not finish it interrupted by a distant sound, as it was dark, like Lucifer with other focus only see the corpse, did not see blood spilled on the ground, heaven failed because he thought it was caused by insufficient number, so speaks also very arrogant. And he did not expect is that this is a union of four areas of people, otherwise he would have at the moment with two hundred thousand troops behind spared much. stationed in front of God, he received only a messenger border battle field reporting, mythical battle in heaven with people at war, when the messenger is only able to live in that transaction mythical wave energy on the battlefield, as to how many troops , attack power he could not know how, but he did not dare to enter the mythical battlefield, as rival Liu Yufei he just got to know. Relied on the Devil’s most elite troops, Lucifer is not afraid of Liu Yufei, when he saw the opportunity in the heart instead of rejoicing, a move the shame then today finally revenge. these scraps of angels, to see past nemesis, Lucifer insulting to hear the case, the original lifeless expression has also been a hint of change, angry staring Lucifer the traitors. Aeolus forward a few steps, sneered: “Lucifer, you are not eligible to joke that we traitors, today we lost the battle, but lost too convinced, since you are so confident is not antidown try, let these incompetent people have seen what your tactics. ” Liu Yufei hear the wind myth sank his face clearly,. he could hear the wind mythology provocative tone, Leng Heng said: “You want to die right away eggs mess is not annoying in front of me again, do not think I was kind of compassionate person. “Fengshen these angels heard these words, they do not want to immediately vacate Yuandun angered Liu Yufei again. Looked desperately fleeing angels, Lucifer contemptuous laugh, this is an angel That is, before the kind of arrogant angel Liu Yufei ignore Lucifer, moving Chu Xin Lan said: “senior sister apprentice, first while you leave it, I came here to do.” “Young you sure” knowingly has the ability to destroy enemy Liu Yufei, Chu Xin Lan could not help care for him. Liu Yufei confident smile: “Based on these garbage would like to stay as long as I do spend a little time just.” “Ha ha ha, this is the biggest joke I’ve lived so long since heard, I know you are very strong, but only a few people between you complete, you can beat me with two hundred thousand troops behind You do not want to We want to be the same day the Court of garbage so incompetent. “Lucifer listened to the words of Liu Yufei rage against laughter, almost fell down from the sky, two hundred thousand troops only takes a little time, this is the man saying Put them all as anything, two hundred thousand troops to kill people even standing still, but also kill the last half a day. “Ha ha ha, good fun kid beside you, ah, it seems that distracted consciousness had to stay in your body is completely correct.” sonorous voice shook everyone present burst of tinnitus heartbeat, three do not know when the figure appears In Liu Yufei side, they face expressionless, only one person smile on his face. Liu Yufei did not even notice when they are in the side, just listen to the sound Liu Yufei to know is the identity of the bearer. Liu Yufei immediately exposed a respectable face, very respectful toward mieshi revere, Great God Pan Gu, the god of nothingness line with the gift, and said: “Boy, Liu Yufei Meet three predecessors.” Liu Yufei understand mieshi revere identity can not easily leak, so he is only known predecessors. and seem to see ghosts Chu Xin Lan, Wan Jing Chu to stay a little stagnant muttered: ” Master, I have just read Mr. line gift giving is not just because I’m injured and vertigo” and Chu Xin Lan Several people stay in the same lag, and a look of incredible Chu Wan Jing questions are not answered. Lucifer is carefully looked mieshi revere, in the heart guess their identity, after all, let Liu Yufei lean that in itself is an unusual phenomenon, but he did not much mind, but there are two hundred thousand troops themselves Even if they could get more than three people how to do their own. Xin Lan Chu Liu Yufei see the expression of six people in a daze, not help a bit anxious, Destroyer revere Who! If you just give him a happy little benefit them Xin Lan Chu, Chu Xin Lan six people so desire soaring spirit world is not a piece of cake right Acoustic quietly said: “Several senior sister apprentice, do not hurry up to salute, say there will be unexpected benefits uncertain oh.” Liu Yufei hear the acoustic, Chu Xin Lan six people just wake up and immediately approached the same line a worship ceremony, crispy said:. “younger, Chu Xin Lan carry only four junior sister apprentice and small audience of three seniors, three seniors to greeting” power of an gentle hands emerge from nothingness, the Liu Yufei, Chu Xin Lan prop up six people, Destroyer Senior matter and said: “Boy, you do not tell me this, do you think I can not hear sound transmission You also repair this tender yet, last time you beg for the Sky never mind just to give them right! ah, is to repair bad points worse than your kid. “nothingness and Pangu laugh, how quietly acoustic Liu Yufei three of them will be hidden, they had never seen anyone so he would benefit from a clump incite. is mieshi revere speaks of mind, Liu Yufei old head can not help a bit embarrassing, but he was soon normal, Destroyer revere Who! The advantage of this world do not want to tell him who to turn to advantage to go, pretending embarrassed face, said: “Hee hee nothing can be concealed from your old, revere, since you know their identity, and can not please Nvwaniangniang! guidance about them ” heard here, Chu Xin Lan six people have been kept, please Nvwaniangniang pointing to them, this is not to say a joke, right Although they inherited from under the seat Nvwaniangniang, but they also never thought one day see her old side, they have not tell Liu Yufei this saying is true or a joke, let Nvwaniangniang lower bound, we say the identity of the three men higher than Nvwaniangniang Destroyer revere Liu Yufei a loud knock on the head, laughed a little and said:. ” brats, you know that old trick with me, I would have arranged them.” “bold, you have these lowly creatures in front of us two hundred thousand Destroyer Corps still so insolent, immediately surrender, we Lucifer adults might even spared you a life.” Destroyer revere the words have not yet finished , he incurs a Devil generals interrupted. Lucifer is not the first time such a person seriously, Liu Yufei see a few people in there just keep talking, anger growing in his mind, the generals around to see him unhappy, so not only verbal training . Liu Yufei eyes flashed a obliterate meaning, then a look of nothingness Pangu indifferent expression faint smile on his face exposed, because the other side did not revere mieshi blaspheming and angry, but smiled and said: “Oh mieshi Legion , put the kids really funny! Oh, those people do not know what would have heard the palace a look. “No! Is there really a Destroyer Destroyer Temple Corps fragmentation Liu Yufei in the heart of the underground passage. Chu Xin Lan Liu Yufei they looked puzzled look, this trio also speak strangely, he wanted to get from point message, confirm their identity,. but they did not find the slightest clue Liu Yufei face. countless years that live Devil generals, even being called a child, this clearly does not treat them as the same thing, Kanu Not only was trembling with anger. Lucifer also wrinkled brow Queensland, whether as He Mieshi revere him as a contempt has been the Devil, he would never allow such a person to live in this world, Chen Sheng angrily: “We dare such contempt, then you are Go to hell! dance of death, to prepare “a team of gas enveloped the whole body black mage fly out of the crowd, holding a wand, danced strange dances, mouth and remembered others do not understand the spell. As they dance, the air appeared mutation, a circle of black fog glowing ripples toward Liu Yufei diffusion over their side, while the other soldiers have been placed under one square, while the order as long as they will immediately rushed up to tear the enemy. breath came with the scene Yin Hui, Liu Yufei cast a pathetic look, Pangu shook his head: “Poor kids, as we had such a presence should not be general knowledge fishes with you, you really should not in disgrace After my “king”, and to make such aggressive behavior, alas! “Pangu softly, the tone also seemed placid, even the slightest intention to kill did not leak out from the hands of the halo around the pan to distribute open . dance of death that brought the shadow instantly disappear after hit Halo, Halo immediately swallowed up a large army of two hundred thousand, two hundred thousand Devil this most elite troops, even the hum had no chance , so the evaporation from the world, if not personally see how they Chu Xin Lan does not believe that two hundred thousand people so easily be destroyed, did not see any one of them had a particular action. this group Devil army also died very innocent, humble in their eyes where they could be so powerful humans. Such attack, Liu Yufei put Pangu ax might be able to do one hit kill, while the other also completely abandoned the defense is. Gap, it is that Pacific great God, and so the gap between his budding small God. Liu Yufei watched in a daze, mieshi revere big hands a beat, and said: “Well, kid, you do not jealous, so you to have supernatural powers.” Destroyer Senior generous easygoing, there is no point positions of the shelf, Pangu, nothingness, smiling, gave Chu Xin Lan six great shock, if not just Louliaoyishou Pangu, how they do not believe what the trio would be the kind of characters have supernatural powers of Babel, even if not yet know their identity, Chu Xin Lan six people looking to have their eyes full of respect. Liu Yufei Until then remembered that he did not ask why he destroyed revere find something, then asked: ” revere, you are specifically looking for the old boy is still passing through here.” “can say specifically come looking for you, kid, you also toss in this field for so long, and also to concentrate on the win their hearts and practitioners, and to see your kid play it every day, so I do not know these years to help me to start tomorrow Discipline you go, when I give you a task, Oh, that task is not as you are now able to complete this repair, the guy who let me see you do so pleasing to the eye, so that any force is yours, Even nothingness have not had this luck, oh. ” Liu Yufei see Pangu and nothingness look of envy expression, can destroy respect for the Destroyer act in their hearts, is in itself a great honor. Words are said, the reason for not promised anything of Liu Yufei, asked: ” Revere you going to let me do anything, can not disclose it to me first.” “ah, that you do not ask, so when you reach my standards, I’ll let you come over, after you give me peace of mind of practitioners, as well as several female wanderers I’ll help Goddess You teach them good tune doubled the future they will be your helper, anyway, there is not enough number of people are able to fulfill. “Destroyer revere Here, Chu Xin Lan six people to be happy almost fainted, they I can confirm from Liu Yufei dialogue, Senior mieshi not joking words. Destroyer revere see Liu Yufei would like to ask, immediately to make a wink Pangu Pangu clear understanding nod, his right hand gently Yang, Liu Yufei seven people in front of a flower who has returned to Beijing villa. his ear has heard Destroyer revere message “Boy, you do not have the ability not to play this challenging game, do not talk to these kids Scrapped here, and remember that you are my fancy people look farther point your stage far more than these. “This thread sounds deeply engraved in the depths of consciousness Liu Yufei. from the day shortly after, Sky Palace crowd was picked up by a young woman, in a physical space to accept other teachings. Liu Yufei, from the day disappeared in the sight of men. In the next few hundred years, the fund has been hosted by the West Yu , Suqian, but they occur every five years in a fund with a different identity. West yu, Li Xiang Guo in